Under Road Boring Brisbane

Little Boring uses a borer head to horizontally bore through most surfaces, including rock. This method is cost effective and environmentally friendly.

The process begins with setting up whereby existing services are located and then the entry and exit pits are dug. From there a line of site is established and then at the required depth the drilling commences.

This method is particularly useful for jobs whereby trenching or cutting are not suitable for aesthetic, ecological or sensitive reasons. It is extremely cost effective whilst at the same time being veryenvironmentally friendly especially in well-established urban surroundings. Council, resident’s and the wider communities preference is keeping tree removal to a minimum and this is safely achieved by Little Boring as we can bore under trees with or without the guidance of your arborist.
The process is great for creating minimal disturbance. For example cutting and reinstating a road can frustrate neighbours with road closures and traffic control causing access problems. In most instances road crossings can be completed without the need to close the road, which negates the need for permits and traffic controllers. Whilst at the same time saving money and keeping the local residents happy. Call us today for all your road bore brisbane requirements and surrounding suburbs.

Our Services

Do you need to install?

  • Electricity – single conduit or a bank of 7 x 125mm conduits
  • Gas – 25mm to 400mm PE mains
  • Water and Wastewater Pipes
  • Telstra
Other piping/conduits

Get in touch with the owner operator

Tyson will then handle all of your job specifics from the initial contact phone call, pre-site diagnostics.
(Dial Before You Dig, Plan analysis) to all on-site details such as inductions and the most important thing - the boring !

Article source: http://littleboring.com.au

Do you want to save money?

  • Per Metre pricing
  • We dig our own entry and exit holes
  • No re-instating existing roads/driveways/paths
  • Family owned and run business
  • No tree removal – we can safely bore under tress with or without the guidance of your arborist.