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Horizontal Drilling Brisbane • Little Boring

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Under Road Boring Brisbane

Little Boring uses a borer head to horizontally bore through most surfaces, including rock. This method is cost effective and environmentally friendly.The process begins with setting up whereby existing services are located and then the entry and exit pits are dug. From there a line of site is established and then at the required depth the drilling commences.

This method is particularly useful for jobs whereby trenching or cutting are not suitable for aesthetic, ecological or sensitive reasons. It is extremely cost effective whilst at the same time being veryenvironmentally friendly especially in well-established urban surroundings. Council, resident’s and the wider communities preference is keeping tree removal to a minimum and this is safely achieved by Little Boring as we can bore under trees with or without the guidance of your arborist. The process is great for creating minimal disturbance. For example cutting and reinstating a road can frustrate neighbours with road closures and t…
Horizontal Drilling Brisbane • How Does It Work
Let’s say you want to install Gas, Power, Communications, Water or any other utilities, however the installation needs to pass challenging terrains such as your footpath, driveway, road or there are lots of trees in the area. Open cut trenching cannot be used in such scenarios due to massive destruction it can cause. Here is where horizontal drilling comes in. The civil industry use horizontal drilling when they want to install water pipes and power cables and other utilities. So, how is horizontal drilling in Brisbane done and does it come with any benefits. How Horizontal Drilling Brisbane & Logan is Done The ground where the horizontal drilling is to be done is assessed to find the right positions where conduit or pipes should be installed. After assessment a mini excavator of 3ton – 4.5 ton will excavate an entrance and exit hole before the horizontal drilling commences. We then use tunnel boring techniques to aim the bore for the r…